Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More of the same

Quick Begging Pose

Various other ten min poses

25 min pose

Great to get back to it

Gave the life drawing group in sol art gallery a visit. Really tough poses.But gave it a go!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dun Laoghaire Market

WIth Dublinsketchers in Peoples Park.. more markets!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Marlay Park Market

Well.. a great day at Marlay park CoCo market was had. Great that the sun came too. Tried a few sketches, but still quite rusty. I love the way people are so friendly and interested and come over for a chat. Anyway hope you like the drawings. I must put up some of my finished pieces that are hangin round the house too... a busy Sunday I foresee!

Have a few more rough sketches which I hope to finish off this week. And if they're lucky I might even promote some of them to acrylic on canvas!

The Book Stall.. have ommitted the people but hope to put them in for a finished piece.

Looking out from courtyard

The Docks with the Sketching Club

Joined the Dublin Sketchers and we met on the Sean O'Casey bridge on the Docks and went for a wander. Got a bit chilly though so had to get coffee soon enough!

Finding it tough enough to draw what i actually see rather than what I think is there... suppose it'll just take practice.

The Boat on the North Side of the Docks.

View down to the Samuel Beckett Bridge on the Liffey

Quick tree sketch looking onto the liffey

A few sketches from the summer

Bushy Park, Terenure

While the sun was briefly with us back in June, I went down to Bushy Park to draw. I realised my talents do not lie i
n drawing people... must work on that! But I do love the little stage that's down the end.

Street Performers Championship
Merrion Sq.

A Few of JP sleeping...he'll be delighted to see these up!