Saturday, August 8, 2009

Marlay Park Market

Well.. a great day at Marlay park CoCo market was had. Great that the sun came too. Tried a few sketches, but still quite rusty. I love the way people are so friendly and interested and come over for a chat. Anyway hope you like the drawings. I must put up some of my finished pieces that are hangin round the house too... a busy Sunday I foresee!

Have a few more rough sketches which I hope to finish off this week. And if they're lucky I might even promote some of them to acrylic on canvas!

The Book Stall.. have ommitted the people but hope to put them in for a finished piece.

Looking out from courtyard


  1. This is a terrific sketch Kate; full of vitality. How come you didn't include any people in your other one from Marley Park and the one in Dun Laoghaire? Your figures in this one are really interesting.

  2. I drew a good few figures in the other markets but on separate pages. Wasn't confident putting them in but might overlay them during the week. Need to get practicing figure drawing!